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Explore our exclusive subscription plans. Customize your subscription to include our master tailoring services, artistic hair styling services and custom footwear creation and maintenance. We create a personalized profile based on your exact measurements, style preferences and personal aesthetics. Modify or pause your subscription as your needs evolve.

Choose from 5 Subscription Levels:

Apex Level
6 Custom Footwear
$205/mon — $440/mon
Choose from 3 Options:
4th Level
4 Custom Footwear
$145/mon — $315/mon
Choose from 3 Options:
3rd Level
3 Custom Footwear
$115/mon — $250/mon
Choose from 3 Options:
2nd Level
2 Custom Footwear
$85/mon — $180/mon
Choose from 3 Options:
1st Level
1 Custom Footwear
$55/mon — $125/mon
Choose from 3 Options:
Guaranteed Perfect Fit

Guaranteed Perfect Fit

Our garments are hand crafted by expert tailors and personalized to fit your unique form, tastes and swag.

1:1 Personal Styling

Your Sartorial Artist will engage with you in the selection of styles and wardrobe combinations that best enhance your aesthetic.

Flexible Plans

Flexible Plans

Select the most convenient options from our flexible plans with exclusive members-only perks.


Allow us to guide you on your journey to perfected fitted footwear bliss. We will ensure every facet of your journey is meticulously curated by expert stylists and cordwainers while being personalized for your taste and discretion. Our services are made available only to members and by appointment.


After joining and scheduling your first collaboration session you will:

Meet Your Style Collaborator:

  • Introduction: Meet with the skilled Cordwainer Artist who will guide you towards achieving your style goals.
  • Discussion: You can expect to be asked to share your fashion tastes and preferences to help your artist understand your unique style. You can expect us to listen carefully to your responses to our questions and take note of your aesthetic.
  • Suggestions: You and your artist will explore some style options that align with your vision for the perfect tailored ensemble for shoes.
  • Q&A: Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the process or options available.
  • Measurements: Accurate measurements are key to a perfect fit. Your artist will ensure each measurement is taken 3 times for accuracy.

Design Your Shoe

  • Fabric(s) and Design: Choose the fabrics and design for your shoe. The cues taken from our earlier discussion will help to personalize your selections.
  • Schedule Fittings: Your artist will work with you to plan the 2 rounds of fittings needed to ensure your order is tailored to perfection
  • Discuss Latest Accessories: Finalize any accessory choices to elevate your look to the next level.

First Fitting Session

  • Separate Garments: Experience the fit of your shoe to ensure it meets your comfort standards. The first fitting is less about the look and more about the fit of your custom shoe.
  • Note Needed Adjustments: At this stage no adjustment is too small or too big to be noted and implemented.
  • Review Plans: You and your artist will review the selections previously made to ensure those selections still align with your preferences.
  • Discuss Wear Preventatives: Your artist will share details about maintaining the quality and durability of your shoes.
  • Review Fitting Schedule: Review the date for the final fitting session to receive your custom footwear.

Second Fitting Session

  • Try on Your Shoe Again: Slide into the updated version of your custom shoe for a closer look.
  • Check for Comfort: Ensure the shoe feels just right, making any necessary adjustments for optimal comfort.
  • Discuss Wear Preventatives: Continue the conversation about maintaining the quality and durability of your shoes.
  • Schedule Next Fitting: Set the date for the final fitting to perfect every detail.

Final Fitting Session

  • Model Shoes: Model your new shoes.
  • Check for Comfort: Confirm shoes meet your comfort and fit expectations.
    Discuss Latest Accessories: Finalize any accessory choices to elevate your look to the next level.
Congratulations, now you know what to expect! To begin your journey to a beautifully crafted cordwainer masterpiece, select a membership subscription plan and schedule your introductory consultation.